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( Oct. 31st, 2011 11:44 am)
A woman at the sausage's school asked me if I was Alma's mummy. I said, no, I'm [the sausage]'s mummy. Oh she said and on our way we went. I don't know her name. She doesn't know my name. WE ARE NOTHING BUT MUMMIES!

Went home and had an existential crisis at Stan. He 'helped' by singing "More than a Woman" at me, only swapping woman for 'mummy'.

Can't help thinking crisis is worsened by the fact that Tom Hardy doesn't know my name either and that I currently can't face trainers because babies scream when I stop to do laces!

Also, why can't I finish a story? I have 12k words of John/Rodney, which is stalled because I had a sudden change of heart about a massive feature of the story and now can't face the huge re-write necessary. I also have thousands of words of Arthur/Eames, which is stalled because the dialogue for a pivotal scene, which I'd kept mulling in my head for days, has now gone. I think I need a cheer-leader.
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( May. 13th, 2011 09:29 am)
I finished my dissertation! I feel an O.M.F.G. is justified here, after 6 years of torturous, never-ending study, every step feeling like wading in treacle while stabbing myself with a blunt pencil.

The finished thing certainly looks pretty, but I can only guess about its contents, as I stopped being able to bear reading it about a month ago!

And I'm STILL not qualified. I have to produce a folder of 'evidence' that I am worthy of that honour, first. THEN I will be qualified, and able to legally and with appropriate insurance, help people to get well through diet and lifestyle changes :)

Oh look, a woo! and a yay!
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( Jan. 26th, 2011 12:04 pm)
Well, life is definitely taking a turn for the busy right now. The end is in sight for my degree - my dissertation has to be handed in at the end of April, so for better or worse, it ends there.

I've become involved in a peer support group for nutritionists - offered to set up the IT side and have now been sucked in - but it is actually great to meet with others who are in a similar boat - either just starting out in business, or just finishing like me. Working for yourself can be isolating.

Stanley was telling me all about work this morning and I became nostalgic for office life. It's taken 4 years to get to that point! I used to just shudder and be glad I was out of it. But anyway, I soon realised it was his tales of great sandwiches at lunchtime that I was actually envious of ;)

The other big project I'm working on is that I'm going to have another baby! In July. I don't find out whether it is a boy or a girl until March, although I have my suspicions :-D

We've been preparing Carter for the notion of having a sibling, and also about the foetus growing inside me. He has decided it is an 'orange fishie'. This was all well and good until he became convinced the orange fishie was hiding in the corner of his room at night. Sigh. This parenting lark is hard work.
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( Jan. 4th, 2011 01:16 pm)

Very cute research. I think the researcher's view is a little rosy; catching the bus shows me that homophobic speech and behaviour is alive and well among young people around here at least. Still, a positive direction.

"Anderson is now moving his research on to cuddling. "Last week, I was talking to my second-year students about two straight men cuddling; they laughed, 'what's the big deal about that'," he says. "I polled them, and found that 14/15 said they had spooned another man, in bed, sleeping all night long. Gone are the days in which men would rather sleep on the floor or head to toe; not only do they share beds and cuddle, but they are not homosexualised for this."" So cute.
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( Dec. 21st, 2010 07:16 pm)
Today is one of my favourite days of the year - Winter Solstice. After today, despite the evidence of my eyes at first, I'll know that the days are getting longer and the sun is returning.

It's actually not been too bad this year despite the snow. The sausage made the part of Donkey his own in the nursery Christmas concert. v v v v cute. I was shocked to see a full on nativity play when I got there; I'd be amazed if more than 25% of the parents whose kids go there call themselves Christian and even fewer who go to church. One of the reasons I chose the nursery was that it was so multicultural. Oh well, hopefully the saus will stop spouting about the BABYJESUS soon.

The big debate is whether to go along with Father Christmas. I think not. I can't maintain even the most basic lie for whole minutes, let alone years and years. Plus, some of my friends whose kids are 8 to 11 are getting caught up in betrayed kids telling them that they can't believe they lied to them about it!! Any magic about a jolly bloke climbing through our window at night would soon wear off when the offspring sees Stan blundering about in the dark with a pillowcase.

Happy Yule, everyone :)
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( Oct. 4th, 2010 09:18 pm)
Have given up my job, thank god. Am poor as a church mouse, but ten times happier.

Am looking forward with enthusiasm to cauliflower cheese for dinner. Basically, I've just shaved a quarter off our weekly grocery bill, by doing a week's menu consisting of the sorts of meals my mother used to cook back the day.

At the time I'm thinking, she had 2 cleaning jobs to support us and going without was a way of life. It actually really sucked, but right now I don't mind, because it means freedom, to study and enjoy it because I have time for it, and to be a better mummy to the sausage, because I have time for him. Win win.

Plus, I'm still deliriously newly-wed happy, and I get an extra kick out of knowing that we're experiencing tougher times for the long term benefit of our family. Aww.

In fannish news, I came across mention of a hate meme the other day. Of course, I've heard the term, but never gone and browsed the entries.

This one was a Harry Potter one. For those as blissfully ignorant as I was, this involves someone posting an admittedly amusing macro, and then everyone anonymously posting about how much they hate this and that fen. Why, ladies and sometimes blokes, why? I wish my eyes could unsee that; my fandom is a shiny place.
It was mine and DB's anniversary yesterday - 4 years since we got together, a year since we got engaged.

Four years! [profile] iced_maple and [profile] elethe, you can probably remember right back in the early days when I bought him to a Ship of Fools night and he was very cute :)

He bought me a peony for the garden yesterday, which was such a lovely gesture what with my LJ name change and it being my favourite flower and all. Then we went and ate okonamiyaki, which is not easy to find in London at all, but I adore it. So savoury and good - I had mine stuffed with tofu, with a cup of sake.

The tabs on my browser say disconcerting things like "Biological mechanism for...". Yes, it's that time when I open whatever piece of college work I should have handed in a year ago, pat a few keys in a desultory fashion, and go and update my journal instead! But my little boy is asleep, so I should use the opportunity to study. I suppose. See you later :)
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( Sep. 7th, 2009 02:48 pm)
I made my first invoice today, for working in August. It's a long time since I earned any money, so - joy!

Caster Semenya has been on my mind lately, along with a whole heap of thoughts about gender and feminism (which I keep trying to corral into a post, but no luck yet). So that explains why she featured in my dream last night. It was one of those dreams, so more joy :-D

The third joyous thing is my new garden. It has been levelled and turfed and beds have been made. Obviously, the good weather immediately ended, but it is still a joy to stand out there at twilight, spending half an hour watering the new grass. Or at least so I imagine, having watched DB do just that these last few nights :)
I've been feeling a bit rubbish today and obviously my thoughts turn to swine flu. This is despite the fact that as a SAHM/internet addict I rarely come into contact with anyone who might pass it on. I guess I just want an excuse to go to bed in the day-time. This would mean OH would have to come home and look after the BB. Please make it so!

Still really buzzed about getting a job. Apparently the person I'm working for is challenging and made the previous incumbent cry a few times, so I'm a little nervous about that. But how cool to earn some cash again, and have a different focus other than cbeebies? Yep, I'm pretty happy, even if not long for this world re the aforementioned deathly illness.
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( Jul. 22nd, 2009 09:37 pm)
First, I got a job! Two days a week, one day at home, one day at the office. It isn't my dream work, but it is paid. This makes me happy, as it means that I can buy pretty shoes, and have my hair cut. YAY!!!!!

Second, does anyone know of a field in South Herts/North London I could hire to put a marquee? A long shot I know, but worth a try! (this is for my handfasting next summer - proving harder than I thought to organise. I wanted a picnic and some live music, but as warned by many, the whole thing is sprirlling into something bigger).
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( Jul. 14th, 2009 04:10 pm)
Spent the day at the Sanctuary on Sunday (women-only halls of pampering) courtesy of the OH's folks. It is such a beautiful and relaxing place. I had plans to write fanfic/work on original story, but in fact only managed to read most of a magazine, amid all the naps, snacks and treatments.

The day didn't start so auspiciously, as I lay like a haddock on a cold, wet slab, with a therapist rubbing salt into my far too naked body. Luckily the next therapist draped me strategically in towels, and didn't seem to feel my boobs needed any attention whatsover, which I was very happy about.

Now I'm feeling pretty zen, but this feeling could be seriously enhanced with Kris/Adam fic. I'm too scared to dive into ontd-ai or any similar dens of inquity, in case I read something crap and have to go and poke out my eyes. Everything my [personal profile] astolat has been gold so far (particularly the zombie fic and the office supplies one), but I need to find more.
We live half way down a hill. Standing on the back steps, the sunset over the hill on the other side of the valley is amazing. You wouldn't believe it was North London. Until the Northern Line goes rattling past ten minutes later that is! But for a few minutes, you can hear the birds, and see the sun and so much green. It assuages my wander lust, for a while.

I have decided that from now on, I won't do anything I don't like in June! It is my favourite month and should only be spent doing lovely things, preferably outdoors. Growing things, eating picnics, holding barbecues, taking the boy to the park. Camping. Visiting friends.

This open letter from the British Legion to that horrible man Nick Griffin should warm the cockles of the hearts of anyone who prefer their racists roasted.
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( Jun. 15th, 2009 09:17 am)
Just left a message for a woman about a job. I'm incredibly nervous, as a friend of mine is going for the same job (private PA) and she is far more glamorous and smooth than I am. I have done similar work before, and I know that in the work place, I'm good on the phone, but in a phone interview situation, all bets are off. Gah.

BSG continues to be a total addiction. I joined a comm because I'm desperate to read fic and get fannish, but had to quit straight away because of spoilers. The comm is spoiler-free for s4+, whereas I'm still on s2. Will soon be there though!

Had my mum and step-dad to stay the weekend. Ten kinds of torture, but it's over now for another couple of months. The next big things coming up will be much more enjoyable. This weekend we're having a BBQ (have I taken on too much, hosting a party for 20 people, whilst jiggling a baby on my hip? Only time will tell!).

Then in a few weeks, I'm going to Switzerland to visit with a friend from uni who has a baby about the same age. We have been support for each other, as we both have non-sleeping babies. There were times when getting a text from her in the middle of the night was the only thing that stopped me losing it entirely!
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( May. 28th, 2009 05:08 pm)
We had a real stonking bank holiday weekend here - just gorgeous. I went camping in a field near Bath with a bunch of friends.

A drawback of buying things like tents on the internet - I couldn't really judge how big it was going to be in RL. The answer is that it is staggeringly big! It weighs 40 kilos which should have been the clue, as that is almost a person. Nevermind, it is nice to be able to stand up and move around in it.

We were next to a field of horses, who galloped around, whinnying and playing all night. It was like the secret life of horses! By day, acting all nonchalant and chewing grass, by night, partying. The boy done it really good, staying asleep until 0500, which may sound ridiculously early, but is actually an hour later than he woke me frinstance last night. As I write that, I can't believe this is my life. No wonder I fell asleep during the meditation at yoga today! I never knew a person could be alive for so long on so little sleep.

Ooh ooh! My copy of Sarah Rees Brennan's book, The Demon's Lexicon arrived yesterday. Anyone who is/was in the Harry Potter fandom probably knows of her as mistful on LJ, now sarahtales. I am utterly beside myself with excitment, but don't want to read it in bits and pieces, so I'm gonna wait until DB can take over boy duty and give me a good few hours to demolish it. Then I get to head over to marmaladefish on LJ to squee with the other fangirls and boys.
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( Jan. 30th, 2008 03:31 pm)
Life is good. Now that I have stopped stressing about getting a job (by simple expedient of not even trying to get one. Very restful) I have plenty of time to do my studying, and make nice meals and go to yoga. It's amazing how much time being stressed takes. Mind you, I am mid-cycle between handing in one essay and starting to lose it about the next, so may be I shouldn't speak too soon.

I loved Quarantine like it was made of kittens! Particularly the shots of John climbing, the vertigo effect was great. Well not particularly that bit Read more )


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