pionie: (John and Rodney)
( Feb. 17th, 2010 07:03 pm)
Hello lovely flisters

I come bearing these great pictures of surfing dolphins. I like to think they are surfing for sheer joy.

I had an epiphany about motherhood. It has been a long slog - 15 months, plus 9 months prep time, but I finally accept my changed life (more or less!). My spirit has been crushed, my individuality obliterated; now I can say, "Let's leave that one, that's not a toy", for the 50th millionth time with scarcely a twitch of the eye. Progress indeed - see me revel in the joys of mothering.

I have a friend whose kid is a couple of months younger than mine. We met up for coffee yesterday and laughed long and hard about the trials of it all. I really needed that.

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