After months of tireless reading, I have elected my favourite ever ever Harry/Draco fic. It is
Drop Dead Gorgeous by [ profile] mistful and it is wonderful.

A WIP, with probably only a chapter or two left to go, I'm torn between wanting her to update, and wanting it never to end. The UST is so gripping and Harry and Draco are so convincing and compelling that I've read what is up so far several times.

I suspect that her Draco's personality is either a. her dream man, or b. owes more than a little to her own self, reading her non-fic entries. Either way he is lovely; caustic and witty, zany and sooo cute. This Draco isn't particularly good-looking, but you get to see what Harry finds so attractive about him. For anyone who has read the Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett, Draco also reminds me of Lymond a little; not so damaged and resentful though.

It also contains my favourite fan-Ron ever as well. I can really see him growing up like this, if his life events went this way. His love life really works in this too, but I won't say anymore than that, because I don't want to spoilerfy anyone.

I've not said much about Harry. It's not that he is not great, he is. Like with Ron, I could really see him turning out like this. Maybe it's just that the story is Harry's POV, and I've been so invested in what is happening that I'm basically just him while reading, which is a mark of how convincing he is - no jarring details that immediately chuck you back out of the story.

Ah, [ profile] mistful, I bow down at your feet and promise to buy your books when they come out.


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