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( Jan. 21st, 2012 10:54 pm)
Judging by the fannish outpourings, I *think* I'm the last person alive to see Thor, but just in case Oort cloud dwellers should chance across this journal, then Read more... )

Watched Dragonheart last night, wherein Pete Postlethwaite is totally wasted, Dennis Quaid is stretched to the max and probably thought it was Shakespeare, and Sean Connery sounds like a scottish dragon with someone else's teeth, just like he always does.

There were many things I didn't enjoy about this film - e.g. David Thewlis doing 'mad' - his eyes were rolling like a nervy pony, I kept expecting him to whinny - but Quaid failing to recognise his arch enemy dragon by that accent alone was the point at which I threw in the suspendable disbelief towel.

And I've seen it before! So really, only have self to blame - why do I do it to myself?!

Better - just made gluten-free chocolate cake for DB's birthday (he is not g/f; I am - but I'm planning on making him share :-D)

Also - only a few more days left of my job! It's nice to earn a little cash and not worry about financial things so much, but it is nicer more sensible to finish that bloody degree I've been going on about for 5 years, so I can earn money in something that interests me - so go me, no more procrastinating!
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( Mar. 5th, 2010 09:59 pm)
Evening, flisters

I've eaten most of a bar of Mayan Gold, I have Georgie kitty snuggled up by my side, and 10 Things I Hate About You on the teeves; it's okay, but the main thing about it is that seeing Heath Ledger is making my heart clench. Heart aside, I'm having a lovely evening.

Tomorrow, a dear friend from CA arrives with her family for a holiday and I'm going to the airport as a surprise to meet her! I've had to avoid answering the phone or replying to emails today, because I'm so rubbish at surprises - she would definitely twig something was up, when I started cackling gleefully.
I unashamedly loved the first Transformers movie with the fire of a thousand suns, mainly because of the WHOOMP WHOOMP noise the robot kitties make when they transform. And I'll definitely go to see T-II, even if everyone apparently hates it.

This panning review is hilarious and has only made me want it more!


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