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( Nov. 19th, 2009 10:31 pm)
Was listening to the radio on the way back from yoga today, when the DJ played some dreary, derivative drivel and proclaimed it 'new music'. So when I got home, I logged into Soulseek for the first time in months (usual baby-shaped excuse) and searched for something genuinely new and interesting. It's now way past my bed-time (see above) and I've listened to so much good new stuff. And some bad new stuff, but at least I'm listening.

How exciting! I'm passionate about music, although I practically guarantee no-one on my flist listens to the stuff I listen to (I'm not being elitist - I wish there was someone out there! But I think drum and bass tends to be love or hate). Pre-Dumpling, DB and I used to go to drum and bass nights and dance a little, and sit in a corner chatting a little, and listening, and I really miss that.
Kelly Rowland, When Love Takes Over. I just like it, in all its cheesy, high decibel, hi-energy glory.

Adam/Kris RPS. Hopefully they don't mind; they seem like nice boys. Actually, if they have any business savvy at all, I'm sure they realise that being slashed by [personal profile] astolat is a sign they've truly arrived.

Kraft cheese slices. This is a more serious issue. I could just stop buying them, but I can't.


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