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( Jun. 15th, 2009 09:17 am)
Just left a message for a woman about a job. I'm incredibly nervous, as a friend of mine is going for the same job (private PA) and she is far more glamorous and smooth than I am. I have done similar work before, and I know that in the work place, I'm good on the phone, but in a phone interview situation, all bets are off. Gah.

BSG continues to be a total addiction. I joined a comm because I'm desperate to read fic and get fannish, but had to quit straight away because of spoilers. The comm is spoiler-free for s4+, whereas I'm still on s2. Will soon be there though!

Had my mum and step-dad to stay the weekend. Ten kinds of torture, but it's over now for another couple of months. The next big things coming up will be much more enjoyable. This weekend we're having a BBQ (have I taken on too much, hosting a party for 20 people, whilst jiggling a baby on my hip? Only time will tell!).

Then in a few weeks, I'm going to Switzerland to visit with a friend from uni who has a baby about the same age. We have been support for each other, as we both have non-sleeping babies. There were times when getting a text from her in the middle of the night was the only thing that stopped me losing it entirely!
I've been exceedingly busy of late. A little bit of college work, but mainly Battlestar Galactica!

I'm half way through S2, and I only wish I'd watched it along with everyone else, so I could join in the squee. But at the time, I was fully committed to a programme of Atlantis plus uni.

My friend who lent me S2 warned me that it was dark. Oh my god! Was she telling the truth. It certainly lacks the big gay sparkle of Atlantis.

Strangely, there is no-one that I want to slash. It feels odd, watching a show without slashing anyone, even in jest! Even worse, I am shipping! I love any Apollo/Starbuck scene. The cast is amazingly strong. Baltar, Number 6, Adama, Roslin, all unexpectedly rocking.

Oo ooo ohh!! And I read The Demon's Lexicon. I've just started re-reading it, that's how good it was. If you like twists and turns, magic and angst muffins, then please read it asap.


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