Doing some research about Ma'at I came across a site with a very simple and well-thought out description of how the judgment after death aspect of religion arose; from the amalgamation or evolution of three related experiences:

1) primitive peoples' experiences with the concept of justice,
2) their experiences with their own shadows, images, and dreams (leading to their speculations about the existence of sprits and souls and life-after-death),
3) their observations of regeneration (or what was considered to be “rebirth”) in nature.

He argues that primitive people must have had a concept of social justice, because they deified the concept of justice in Ma'at. Of course, just because the Egyptians' civilisation occurred a long time ago, doesn't mean that they were 'primitive'.

I would link to the site, but apart from this piece of elegance, the author uses the words 'God Lie', and a surfeit of exclamation points, and is as mad as a badger.

Badgers of course are not really mad, but in fact pan-dimensional beings from a parallel universe who came here to destroy us, but for some reason, perhaps not even known to themselves and the cause of some embarrassment, haven't done so. Nevertheless, if you ever meet one, don't look it in the eye.

Stan* explains that apparent badger corpses by the side of the road are actually just shed skin; their real light being selves transported back home.

(*new online name for husband, from the name of a bluegrass musician he loves. Was finding DH a bit twee.)


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