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( Jul. 17th, 2009 08:52 pm)
"the show quickly changed gears from angels to demons, with glamazon Adam Lambert emerging from the back of the stage like an alien from the planet Rocktune. "

Why can't I go? Apart from boring logistical reasons? I should be there! Swooning and drooling over the Glambert and his pocket rocket (aka Kris Allen). I may have spent all my free time today browsing ontd-ai over at LJ and youtube. and twitter.

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( Jul. 14th, 2009 04:10 pm)
Spent the day at the Sanctuary on Sunday (women-only halls of pampering) courtesy of the OH's folks. It is such a beautiful and relaxing place. I had plans to write fanfic/work on original story, but in fact only managed to read most of a magazine, amid all the naps, snacks and treatments.

The day didn't start so auspiciously, as I lay like a haddock on a cold, wet slab, with a therapist rubbing salt into my far too naked body. Luckily the next therapist draped me strategically in towels, and didn't seem to feel my boobs needed any attention whatsover, which I was very happy about.

Now I'm feeling pretty zen, but this feeling could be seriously enhanced with Kris/Adam fic. I'm too scared to dive into ontd-ai or any similar dens of inquity, in case I read something crap and have to go and poke out my eyes. Everything my [personal profile] astolat has been gold so far (particularly the zombie fic and the office supplies one), but I need to find more.
Kelly Rowland, When Love Takes Over. I just like it, in all its cheesy, high decibel, hi-energy glory.

Adam/Kris RPS. Hopefully they don't mind; they seem like nice boys. Actually, if they have any business savvy at all, I'm sure they realise that being slashed by [personal profile] astolat is a sign they've truly arrived.

Kraft cheese slices. This is a more serious issue. I could just stop buying them, but I can't.


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