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( Feb. 9th, 2010 08:53 pm)
Have been horrendously sick, and so has the sausage. I've been whiling away the days in a sick daze reading sga_santa...but then I re-remembered the Archive of Our Own and now I'm happily mired in Remus/Sirius, with a thousand million SGA and HP fics to look forward to. This is why I'm so unproductive. Well, that and the perpetual exhaustion of a parent whose offspring doesn't sleep well.

I'm up to date with Being Human, and if anyone wants to squee about how much they are enjoying it in comments, then I would love to squee along with you. It is so different from S1, but I'm loving it all the same. Is saying, "So dark, brrr," a spoiler?

We've given up on the field idea for getting handfasted - ironically, it works out more expensive than hiring an actual building. The village hall we've found is tiny though - cue lots of agonised wailing every time we think we have finished the guest list, then one of us will remember another cousin that absolutely must be invited. There's going to be about 3 people I actually want there at this rate.

Right, chips for dinner for me. DB is out at aikido, which means I get to kick back, forget I'm a nutritionist, and eat chips whilst mainlining fic :)


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