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( Oct. 31st, 2011 11:44 am)
A woman at the sausage's school asked me if I was Alma's mummy. I said, no, I'm [the sausage]'s mummy. Oh she said and on our way we went. I don't know her name. She doesn't know my name. WE ARE NOTHING BUT MUMMIES!

Went home and had an existential crisis at Stan. He 'helped' by singing "More than a Woman" at me, only swapping woman for 'mummy'.

Can't help thinking crisis is worsened by the fact that Tom Hardy doesn't know my name either and that I currently can't face trainers because babies scream when I stop to do laces!

Also, why can't I finish a story? I have 12k words of John/Rodney, which is stalled because I had a sudden change of heart about a massive feature of the story and now can't face the huge re-write necessary. I also have thousands of words of Arthur/Eames, which is stalled because the dialogue for a pivotal scene, which I'd kept mulling in my head for days, has now gone. I think I need a cheer-leader.


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