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([personal profile] pionie Jul. 3rd, 2011 07:42 pm)
I am not in the Sherlock fandom. I am not in the Sherlock fandom. But seem to be reading a lot of the fic. I came across Rough Edges by [personal profile] basingstoke, via her Cabin Pressure fic and then got sucked in, carrying on to read her Indecorous.

Rough Edges is by far and away my favourite, but totally not my usual cup of tea. No unicorns, no sparkles, and very, very nasty. It starts amusingly with a Black Books crossover, if with an edge, and proceeds to get nastier with every Holmes family member we meet. But what a family! [personal profile] basingstoke creates this positive raft of original characters, who are all utterly interesting - clever, funny, vile. In case it isn't come across clearly, what with the nasty and the vile, I'm reccing this story completely! (For anyone with a strongish constitution).

My name is Pionie and I am a Cumberbitch.
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