I'm relaxed about RPF. It's all fiction. The savvier celebs openly say that the public only gets a persona anyway. I think if I was a sleb, I'd be cool knowing it existed, but would probably avoid looking in case I came across something sick, like the infamous Girls Aloud story.

However, if I was Tom Hardy and I read this story about myself - it would be such a life-changing experience that I would *surely* not rest until I'd convinced Joseph Gordon-Levitt that we were meant to be together?? I am very convinced of this fact.

In other Tom Hardy related news (there isn't much of any other kind around these parts at the moment), the burning flame of my crush has been fanned by seeing RocknRolla. He plays a character called "Handsome Bob" and was ever a character more aptly named - I think not.

The film itself is quite funny, not as tight as Lock, Stock... or Snatch, but entertaining enough. Boosted by having a couple of scenes which would make any slashing fangirl squeak :)
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