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([personal profile] pionie Aug. 16th, 2011 03:21 pm)
So I had my baby :) He looks disconcertingly exactly like the last one - and indeed, probably every newborn ever. Still, I fell in love with him in about 10 seconds.

Managing with a toddler and a new baby is... interesting. Challenging. A total mother fucker.

Thank goodness for fic. I've been reading a lot of Inception. I'm not in the fandom, in fact feel like a tourist passing through. Everything looks like it was exciting there about a year ago, but now there's a distinct air of tumbleweed.

Nevertheless, Eames has totally preoccupied me, awake and asleep. The fic has been awesome, but [personal profile] blamebrampton! That [personal profile] raitala fic you rec'd in your journal - best thing ever.

I have funny ideas re not finding out anything about actors, as it always destroys their mystique. But I can't help trawling for photos of his extreme gorgeousness.

Depending on the film he's currently working on, he can either look like a vulnerable morsel of yumminess, or a Stallone-esque beefcake. Look, here's some photos of him at his most delicious. One of them is probably NSFW.



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